Family Integrated

A Family Integrated Church


The leadership of Yigo Baptist Church have been concerned for some time about a trend in the church wherein children raised in the church do not continue in a life of faith after reaching the age of majority. Additionally, the leaders were concerned that maintaining programs for children to be educated apart from their parents was in conflict with the Biblical model of parental responsibility for the spiritual development of children (Deuteronomy 32:46-47).
As a result, in April 2005, Yigo Baptist Church became a family integrated church.  The church encourages periodic opportunities where children can prepare dramatic or musical presentations or spend concentrated time in scripture memorization and other Bible-based activities.  The church no longer supports permanent Sunday school or children’s church programs wherein the responsibility of spiritual development is shifted to a teacher away from the parents.  Additionally, the church is promoting Bible studies where children are included as a part of the study and regular home worship habits where family devotions are led by the father of the family and women and children participate.